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Born out of a passion for paper and a love for design and artistic expression, Liberty Bespoke is a stationery and gift brand curated and founded by Dagmar Palmer.

As a passionately local brand, all of Liberty Bespoke’ paper products are sourced and printed in South Africa and are attentively hand-assembled in our creative studio, guaranteeing a distinctive, refined quality. Our paper is selected from the finest, environmentally-responsible papers to bring you this exclusive collection of bespoke luxury stationery items.

Paper is a powerful medium for storytelling, and it is my passion to share these stories through expressive stationery. Each range has been designed as an artistic interpretation of our natural environment. A crafted collection reflecting a specific theme.


There is a nostalgic charm to paper. A touching tangibility that transcends time. A tactile platform for expressionism that brings stories to life.

Our stationery captures this emotive power of paper, creating an intimate platform to share your message in the most meaningful way. We live in a fast-paced digital world, where Social Media is our daily touch point, taking away the tangibility of sharing and messaging. Paper brings back a different message. An intimacy and tactility that brings a message to life.

We select our paper with careful consideration for its texture and quality. The paper used for our design collection is luxurious and refined, and we use environmentally conscious materials.


Founded in 2001 by Dagmar Palmer, Titanium Room is a boutique design agency dedicated to the curation of impactful through-the-line communication.

Design is at the core of communication and at the centre of It gives meaning to any message and giving shape to any environment. It transforms a creative vision from imagination to image. And an image is what essentially differentiates our identity from the next. When this image is developed into something distinctive, it becomes a trademark that leaves a lasting impression.

Which is what we aim to do with our design. To craft an image into a piece of compelling communication that arrests the attention and ignites a response. The Titanium Room’s philosophy is built on being beyond ‘the expected’: creating the exceptional and achieving the extraordinary.

Contact us www.titaniumroom.co.za